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LPGI Mission Statement

To develop a knowledgeable, talented and experienced team of employees, who perform the highest quality work for our clients.


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LPGI Company History

The Langley Provider Group, founded in 1997 by President, Irene Langley is a health care receivables management consulting firm headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.  Prior to finding the company, Irene worked within the health care industry for 15 years.  She dealt with coding and collections with respect to third party payors for both hospitals and insurance companies.  Irene began developing her team of experts by pulling on past working relationships with key individuals. 

 The professional staff at The Langley Provider Group is over 47 strong and growing.  All of our employees are experienced, skilled, detail-oriented men and women that are ready, willing and able to perform their duties in a respectable manner.  We pride ourselves in hiring the most talented people in the industry giving us diversity and decades of experience.  We feel our employees are the building block of our success.     

We place our experienced consultants at client facilities to support special projects and pilot programs designed to streamline the admission process, creating a more accurate collection process.  Drawing on our expertise, The Langley Provider Group has perfected each facet of the coding and collections process within the health care receivables system.  In some instances, we provide the additional work force for our clients to establish policies and procedures, as well as appropriate employee goals, quotas and workloads.  We have earned the respect of the business executives within this industry by listening to those who perform these tasks and have proven our ability to create a more effective workflow for this type of work.  Our ability to approach each relationship individually has been one of our great strengths in helping our clients understand the business issues underlying the need for change, define objectives and expectations, and benchmark results. 

 In the past decade, the Langley Provider Group has partnered with local hospitals, insurance companies, medical institutions, rehabilitations centers and large doctor offices to develop proper medical billing coding, collection, administration, registration, and counseling procedures and policies, as well as all other aspects of the health care receivables sector.  We’ve established on-going working relationships with hospitals and physicians in the east coast region to develop an effective process for third party collections, while evaluating the competency of their employees and developing the needed skills set to perform these tasks.   

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the utmost accuracy, quality and timeliness in receiving third party payments. We have an outstanding reputation in the industry, which can only be measured by customer satisfaction.

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Contact Information

Contact Name:  Irene Langley
Contact Title: President
Mailing Address:  9649 Belair Road, Suite 101
Baltimore, Maryland 21236
Phone number: 410-248-0500
Fax number: 410-248-2040
Email info@langleyprov.com

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  • Anne Arundel Medical Center

  • Bayview Geriatrics

  • Dimensions Health Systems

  • Doctors Community Hospital

  • Johns Hospital Health System

  • Kennedy Krieger Institute

  • Medstar Health System

  • Northwest Hospital Center

  • St. Joseph's Medical Center

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